Monday, June 1, 2009

My Better Half is Gone

Today "eve" leaves for basic, well only the hotel tonight she actually goes tomorrow. However, either way it is going to be tough to take her to the recruiter and not see her again for at least a few months. I used to tell people it won't be that bad we did it when I left.

But, it is different since we are married this time and haven't spent a single day apart since starting our lives together. It will be tough, but it is what she wants to do so I am behind her a 100%. All I ask for those who read this blog is to say a little prayer everyday for "eve".



  1. I'll be sending postive thoughts for her everyday! She'll be back before you know it xo.

  2. She'll be back soon enough bro! If you need anything, you know my number! :)