Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Letter from "war"


Hey baby! Whats up! So I'm really not supposed to be writing right now because I'm on EC Duty, but I'm done in dorm lol. Everyone is down doing open ranks. Thang god I'm not , but Copenhaver quizzed me on EC questions and I go them all right! Yay! I still havent gotten a 341 pulled! Praise God! Yesterday was our first inspection of our areas, and I passed! Only 5 total demerits! And my element got the least. So hopefully we will be getting a patio break soon! I'm doing real well with everything. I still LOVE being a chapel guide and havent reall broke down and gotten homesick. Which is a good thing! I miss everyone like crazy though! I hope all is going well there! Tell everyone to keep writing me! Evening brief is my favorite because of the letters! I especially love the pictures!

I've mad a lot of great friends here like schuler, moran, joel, jodies, just tons! Also Gibson! She went to the 319th though and will probably be home by time you get this. So she has my blog address and since you'll post this letter on my blog like a good hubby she'll see it, so Hi Gibson! We all miss you! Copenhaver smiled when I told him you will never forget! He has a heart! He was concerned that some of the girls weren't eating and gave us more chowtime! So instead of 4 bites of food we get 8!! LOL!

Ok well I better go, gotta do EC duty! Blah! keep praying for me cause some days like yesterday for example, I need it!

Ssgt Copenhaver's fav. quotes

"Your gonna die today"
"Alright you gonna be pushing Texas tonight!"
"I'm gonna Jack you up!"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mail Call!

Here is another letter!

Hey ya'll! I miss you all like crazy!! Especially you hubby!! So yesterday I got to help/witness 100 trainees get baptized at church! It was so cool! I have really grown in my faith while here because God is literally all I have with me right now!

Today I had to go to the IDMT(doctor) because I 'm starting to get shinsplints. They are very minor though and I already feel much better. I do have a BAD head cold though. So bad that Ssgt Copenhaver told me to stop talking because i'm losing my voice! Hey that means no trouble for me at the "snake pit" though! Hubby can elaborate on that for ya'll lol, no time for me....

I am dropping pounds like crazy! And yes Morgyn, my chest size is going down( Praise God!) Tomorrow we have our 2nd week evaluations. Its crazy to think that I've been here for 2 weeks! It's going by so fast though! Which is a good thing!

Sorry if I don't get much time to write! My MTI only gives us 10 minutes a night and the majority of that time is spent reading my letters. Ya'll are GREAT by the way! I love my letters and the pictures! Ssgt Copenhaver even said that I get too much mail cause at mail call tonight I got 8 letters! WOWZA!

Remember when you write to update me on current events! I feel so closed away from real life! Like Alaska could have exploded and I would have no clue! Well I gtg, help schuler fold shirts!

Much Love!

( Man didn't think I would get another letter so soon! But man I am so happy, I know my day gets brighter when I get one from her just the same way hers does when she gets them from you. So good job keep it up and continue to pray for her and all she is also doing at church with the other trainees!)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I got mail!

This is the letter Britt sent me the other day!

Wow I miss you! This is so tough! I was able to call you on my cell phone to get out my address because ou TI is actually pretty cool. Like he doesn't get in you face when he yells, which is good for me lol. I have only gotten on my face 3 times so far. No 341's pulled yet!

My MTI wanted me to be an element leader but I knew that I could not handle that much responsibility lol! But I am chapel guide! Every Sunday I am at Chapel from 6am-5pm. It Rocks! I help out with all the services and get to relax all day long! And at night I have nightly prayer sessions with the girls. They all look to me for prayer, especially when we've had a rough day.

So far I've had all my shots done(whichhurt) And had ID card issue, weapons, uniform etc. Its getting easier, the hardes part by far is making the dang beds! lol!

I am constantly hungry! My meals consist of 1-2 bites of protein to 3 bites of veggies per meal. And 3 glasses of water with each meal. So I'm staying hydrated! I've already lost like 15 pounds, too. The other morning I looked in the mirror at myself and could barely recognize myself! I look so different!

I've made tons of great friends here like J. Moran and M. Shuler. Shuler especially, she's my wingman lol. We're in the same job catergory too!

By the way, graduation date is friday July 30 or 31st, something like that. Just know its that weekend.

(That is the letter I received from britt, she seems to be having a good time!)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Since you been gone.

Well, today I finally received my first call from Britt! She is doing great right now she likes her TI and is loving basic. She unfortunately has a sinsus infection and minor shin splints. However, she is on a waiver for the moment for pt, but it isn't going to effect her enough where she can't graduate on time. She just got through picking her top 5 jobs, she won't find out for sure what she has till her 8th week. Her number one choice is paralegal, and she didn't have to do a wish list for bases, because she is automatically coming back here. She told me to tell everyone hi and that she misses you. She also said thank you very much for the letters that she has received and she is working on writing back to everyone. She says thanks for the prayers that have already been said, and to please continue to pray for her.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


I received a voicemail from "eve" last night! She gave me her address so we can start sending letters to her! It was good to hear her voice even though it was just on the voicemail! I wrote a little longer post on her blog, but I told everyone there to please check my blog for updates on her so I don't have to try to keep up with two blogs. Well her is her address:

AB Snyder, Brittne, A
320 TRS/SLT 520 Dorm A6 TSC #3
1320 Truemper St. Unit 364049
Lackland AFB, Texas 78236-6095

Please send a lot of letters! Believe me it makes the time a lot easier.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Last Time

I am currently on the phone with "eve". She is at the airport right now waiting for her flight so she can start her journey to basic training. It is going to be the last time I actually get to talk to her outside of letters. That are going to be sent back and forth for a few months. Today it isn't as hard as yesterday, but it is still a lot to get used to. That will take some time actually getting used to, but on the positive side "eve" is one day closer to being back home.

Please continue to pray for her and send letters, because I remember some days that was the only way I made it through the day.


Monday, June 1, 2009

My Better Half is Gone

Today "eve" leaves for basic, well only the hotel tonight she actually goes tomorrow. However, either way it is going to be tough to take her to the recruiter and not see her again for at least a few months. I used to tell people it won't be that bad we did it when I left.

But, it is different since we are married this time and haven't spent a single day apart since starting our lives together. It will be tough, but it is what she wants to do so I am behind her a 100%. All I ask for those who read this blog is to say a little prayer everyday for "eve".