Friday, June 19, 2009

Mail Call!

Here is another letter!

Hey ya'll! I miss you all like crazy!! Especially you hubby!! So yesterday I got to help/witness 100 trainees get baptized at church! It was so cool! I have really grown in my faith while here because God is literally all I have with me right now!

Today I had to go to the IDMT(doctor) because I 'm starting to get shinsplints. They are very minor though and I already feel much better. I do have a BAD head cold though. So bad that Ssgt Copenhaver told me to stop talking because i'm losing my voice! Hey that means no trouble for me at the "snake pit" though! Hubby can elaborate on that for ya'll lol, no time for me....

I am dropping pounds like crazy! And yes Morgyn, my chest size is going down( Praise God!) Tomorrow we have our 2nd week evaluations. Its crazy to think that I've been here for 2 weeks! It's going by so fast though! Which is a good thing!

Sorry if I don't get much time to write! My MTI only gives us 10 minutes a night and the majority of that time is spent reading my letters. Ya'll are GREAT by the way! I love my letters and the pictures! Ssgt Copenhaver even said that I get too much mail cause at mail call tonight I got 8 letters! WOWZA!

Remember when you write to update me on current events! I feel so closed away from real life! Like Alaska could have exploded and I would have no clue! Well I gtg, help schuler fold shirts!

Much Love!

( Man didn't think I would get another letter so soon! But man I am so happy, I know my day gets brighter when I get one from her just the same way hers does when she gets them from you. So good job keep it up and continue to pray for her and all she is also doing at church with the other trainees!)


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