Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Since you been gone.

Well, today I finally received my first call from Britt! She is doing great right now she likes her TI and is loving basic. She unfortunately has a sinsus infection and minor shin splints. However, she is on a waiver for the moment for pt, but it isn't going to effect her enough where she can't graduate on time. She just got through picking her top 5 jobs, she won't find out for sure what she has till her 8th week. Her number one choice is paralegal, and she didn't have to do a wish list for bases, because she is automatically coming back here. She told me to tell everyone hi and that she misses you. She also said thank you very much for the letters that she has received and she is working on writing back to everyone. She says thanks for the prayers that have already been said, and to please continue to pray for her.



  1. I am sorry to hear that she has a sinus infection and shin splints. Those shin splints can be extremely painful. I hope that she gets the paralegal job that she chose. That would be super exciting for her!! I will keep praying for her, and for you because I am sure this time isn't easy on either one of you! Lots of Love from Oklahoma!