Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Last Time

I am currently on the phone with "eve". She is at the airport right now waiting for her flight so she can start her journey to basic training. It is going to be the last time I actually get to talk to her outside of letters. That are going to be sent back and forth for a few months. Today it isn't as hard as yesterday, but it is still a lot to get used to. That will take some time actually getting used to, but on the positive side "eve" is one day closer to being back home.

Please continue to pray for her and send letters, because I remember some days that was the only way I made it through the day.



  1. I like your thinking...she is is one day closer to coming home :) xo.

  2. As soon as you have an address we will start pounding out those letters lol...

    I'll pray for you too Jon. Sounds like you are in need as well.