Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is there no Grace

Well, today is what some might call a sad day.

I have mix feelings about the events of the this afternoon. Today "Eve" and I had to go back to the humane society where we found Gracie Lou and return her.

It was bound to happen next weekend if not this weekend with "Eve" leaving for basic and me going on tdy's every month till I deploy. We thought that it would be in Grace's best interest that we go ahead and do it now. With "Eve" not able to take care of her and me working the hours I work she would be stuck in the cage all day anyways. So we are sorry to see her ago and already miss her, but it was the best thing for her.



  1. It WAS the best thing for her, for you, for us ALL. Gracie will find her forever family and will be a VERY HAPPY doggy :)

    I'm proud of you guys! And when you decide to get another dog....give ME a ring :) I'll help you out with the training!

  2. You have done it in her best interests. I loved seeing her on the video "Eve" did. xo.

  3. I miss her too babe, but we both know that it's for the best!! She will find a family that loves her just as much as we did! I love you!