Thursday, June 18, 2009

I got mail!

This is the letter Britt sent me the other day!

Wow I miss you! This is so tough! I was able to call you on my cell phone to get out my address because ou TI is actually pretty cool. Like he doesn't get in you face when he yells, which is good for me lol. I have only gotten on my face 3 times so far. No 341's pulled yet!

My MTI wanted me to be an element leader but I knew that I could not handle that much responsibility lol! But I am chapel guide! Every Sunday I am at Chapel from 6am-5pm. It Rocks! I help out with all the services and get to relax all day long! And at night I have nightly prayer sessions with the girls. They all look to me for prayer, especially when we've had a rough day.

So far I've had all my shots done(whichhurt) And had ID card issue, weapons, uniform etc. Its getting easier, the hardes part by far is making the dang beds! lol!

I am constantly hungry! My meals consist of 1-2 bites of protein to 3 bites of veggies per meal. And 3 glasses of water with each meal. So I'm staying hydrated! I've already lost like 15 pounds, too. The other morning I looked in the mirror at myself and could barely recognize myself! I look so different!

I've made tons of great friends here like J. Moran and M. Shuler. Shuler especially, she's my wingman lol. We're in the same job catergory too!

By the way, graduation date is friday July 30 or 31st, something like that. Just know its that weekend.

(That is the letter I received from britt, she seems to be having a good time!)



  1. I am glad to hear that she is doing so well. She is going to come back an even more amazing woman than she was when she left, hard to imagine i am sure because she was so wonderful before basic. take care Adam!!