Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Letter from "war"


Hey baby! Whats up! So I'm really not supposed to be writing right now because I'm on EC Duty, but I'm done in dorm lol. Everyone is down doing open ranks. Thang god I'm not , but Copenhaver quizzed me on EC questions and I go them all right! Yay! I still havent gotten a 341 pulled! Praise God! Yesterday was our first inspection of our areas, and I passed! Only 5 total demerits! And my element got the least. So hopefully we will be getting a patio break soon! I'm doing real well with everything. I still LOVE being a chapel guide and havent reall broke down and gotten homesick. Which is a good thing! I miss everyone like crazy though! I hope all is going well there! Tell everyone to keep writing me! Evening brief is my favorite because of the letters! I especially love the pictures!

I've mad a lot of great friends here like schuler, moran, joel, jodies, just tons! Also Gibson! She went to the 319th though and will probably be home by time you get this. So she has my blog address and since you'll post this letter on my blog like a good hubby she'll see it, so Hi Gibson! We all miss you! Copenhaver smiled when I told him you will never forget! He has a heart! He was concerned that some of the girls weren't eating and gave us more chowtime! So instead of 4 bites of food we get 8!! LOL!

Ok well I better go, gotta do EC duty! Blah! keep praying for me cause some days like yesterday for example, I need it!

Ssgt Copenhaver's fav. quotes

"Your gonna die today"
"Alright you gonna be pushing Texas tonight!"
"I'm gonna Jack you up!"


  1. I am writing another letter to Brittne tonight x

  2. Thank you so much hon for keeping up Britt's letters. I got to talk to her for 10 minutes today!