Thursday, May 28, 2009

To Swim Or Not to Swim

So the wife and I came back from working out and of course, yet again, she wants to swim. Lately, it has been hot enough no doubt, however me being a man as other men would understand the water is still a bit too cold for my external extremities.

Well, so we go back and forth about whether we should swim or not. Then finally I say fine, but I still don't want to get in the water. So we get ready and go down to the pool and who would of thought the pool is locked. Was I having a premonition? Maybe, but probably just was lucky.



  1. Lol you were just lucky! Next time Brittne should throw you in hehe.

    Welcome to the blogging world! xo.

  2. You make me laugh!
    Britt's Aunt Teresa

  3. Haha, I completely agree with U, U shouldn't have to do EVERYTHING she wants to do.

  4. No he SHOULD have to do everything SHE wants to do because she leaves in 4 days haha.

    Keep us posted Sir Jon!

  5. PS, I am jealous that I have been blogging longer than you but you still have, well three times as many followers as me lol.

  6. Very funny hun. And guess what! They opened up the pool later on when you went to work!! So dumb!! They did just forget to unlock it! Grr!